Better sleep means better weight

Many of you have heard me give the talk about sleeping 9pm to 5am or 10pm to 6am. In Chinese medicine, these are the times when your body regenerates, rejuvenates and restores. Well, it turns out that western science supports this too. Sleep triggers the response patters of hormones that stimulate the cells to repair […]

>Water, how much and when?

> This is from Sue Ward, Certified Nutritionist, at Sanoviv, and here’s what she recommends: 1 glass of water upon rising (we recommend room temperature water with the juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon with a few shakes of cayenne pepper) Plenty of water throughout the day (especially in hot weather or when exercising) Limit […]

>Did you REST and PLAY this past weekend?

>I’m in the midst of a 90 day intensive program. In this program there is a 90 day action plan where each day I need to set my intentions and focus on a particular aspect of the program. On the weekends, there is no work other than to visualize your success and write down 3 […]

>What’s so great about lemons?

>Yes, each morning I drink my cup of warm water with half a fresh lemon squeezed in it. I know it’s great for getting my digestion going. Check out Dr. Karen’s website to hear all the details.Start Each Day with Lemon Water Remember to make it with lukewarm water. Enjoy!