Better sleep means better weight

Many of you have heard me give the talk about sleeping 9pm to 5am or 10pm to 6am. In Chinese medicine, these are the times when your body regenerates, rejuvenates and restores. Well, it turns out that western science supports this too. Sleep triggers the response patters of hormones that stimulate the cells to repair […]

Diet swap reveals junk food’s harm to gut health

A two-week diet swap experiment hints at just how damaging a Western diet might be to our guts. Researchers asked people to switch diets for two weeks – 20 US volunteers moved to a low-fat, high-fibre diet while 20 volunteers from rural Africa were asked to eat more “junk” food. Although the swap was brief, […]

I love (gluten-free) Waffles…

  But, I don’t like the spike in blood sugar and the cravings I get after eating them. Even the gluten free flour waffles I’ve made in the past left me feeling a bit woosey within an hour of eating them. So, I was craving a good waffle and decided I needed to develop a […]

Are there any Healthy Breakfast Cereals?


Is there such a thing as a Healthy Breakfast Cereal? Breakfast can be a challenge for most people. Mornings are rushing around and most times it’s a grab and go situation or perhaps instant oats at your desk while checking your email. I often hear patients telling me that they eat a “healthy cereal” that […]

Dr. Sara’s Top 10 Tips to Reset Your Hormones Naturally

I love this information from Dr. Sara Gottfried. She is always so insightful. Check out what she has written about sugar. As many of you know, I have a great program called Clear the Way which helps repair the gut and get off your sugar addiction. Please let me know if you’d like me to […]

I just don’t have time to exercise!

“I just don’t have time to exercise.” I hear this quite often from my patients. Do you have 10 minutes? Well, that’s all you need to get started exercising. Are you thinking, “how is 10 minutes going to make a difference in getting my body in shape?” Well, that’s a great question. The point of […]

Chia Pudding for Breakfast

Here’s another great breakfast idea from my friend Maria at Urban Spice. I’ve been making this several times a week and just loving it. Let me know what you think. CHIA PUDDING WITH NUT BUTTER AND FRESH BERRIES Serves 1 1 c. almond milk (or other milk of choice) 1 tbsp. almond butter (or nut […]

Achy Joints?

Achy joints can be helped with Omega 3s will help with joint pain. Chia seeds, walnuts, and tofu are some options. Eliminate sugar as that causes inflammation. Also, add USANA’s Procosa supplement. Click on the heading Achy Joints to see a video clip on what Dr. Oz has to share about how to help achy […]

Watch my video on Digestion

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Gluten Free Banana Porridge

I wanted to share with you my new fave breakfast. Even my 11 year old son gobbles this up. It’s Gluten Free Banana Porridge. A little slice of heaven in a bowl. This is from my friend Maria at Urban Spice. You’ll need to soak the grains overnight in 2-3 cups of water and […]