>What’s for dinner?


Creating great, tasty meals 7 days a week can be challenging and fatiguing. I usually plan what the meals are for the week so that I have a guideline. And sometimes I don’t  feel like eating what I planned. What to do then?

Well, the other night I planned black beans and rice with veggies. It’s a quick and easy meal on a busy night. I had cooked the dried beans over the weekend so they were prepped and ready to go. It was a warm night and I just felt like salad and veggies, but I always think about where is the protein in the meal. So above is what I created. I started with a wonderful salad, added the black beans and some grated mozzarella. I topped it off with 2 nicely fried eggs. It turned out beautifully and was excellent.

I encourage you to try something different for dinner. Get inspired this summer and enjoy the wonderful summer bounty.

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