” The five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water are not just the foundation of this wonderful system of medicine; they are the foundation and spirit of all nature around us.”

~ J. R. Worsley

Five Element Acupuncture

My passion is helping people experience healthier and happier lives.

In Classical Five Element acupuncture, body, mind, and spirit are all considered to be interdependent. When there is an imbalance in the body’s energies, there can be disharmony or disease. Acupuncture uses specific points to aid the body’s energy to flow easily, allowing harmony and health to be restored.

Most often we notice these imbalances being expressed as symptoms in the body, mind, or spirit. Acupuncture can help with chronic or recurring problems such as backache, migraines, and PMS. Not only can you experience relief from physical systems, but you may also experience a better sense of well-being and emotional balance.

Acupuncture can be very helpful for fertility, menopause and Anxiety. I also have a great program to help lose weight and keep it off.

I derive my greatest joy in hearing from my patients how healthy and genuinely happy they feel.







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