Brain Health and Why You Should Take Good Care of It

Woman grasping her forehead because she tries to remember what she forgot.

Did you ever have one of those occasional “senior moments” where you’ve gone into the kitchen and can’t remember why, or can’t recall a familiar name during a conversation?

Don’t panic! You are not alone.

Memory changes can be frustrating but the good news is that mental functioning can be improved. There are various strategies we can use to protect and even enhance our cognitive ability.

What hurts brain health: a variety of factors including smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes & all conditions that affect your blood vessels or vascular risk factors may also hurt your brain and increase the risk of developing Alzheimers.

So what should you do?

Start exercising! This is the number one factor that helps blood flow, cardiovascular health and many other things and also improves your brain health. You can get more brain benefits from doing regular aerobic exercise and staying away from highly processed foods than from most brain supplements on the market today.

The list of benefits of exercise is long! One of my favorite quotes from an article years ago is “if exercise were a pill, everyone would be taking it.” Talk to me if you don’t know how to get started, or want to “up your game” and figure out what’s next for you.

Other things to improve brain health: engage in brain games, such as crosswords, chess, and bridge, as well as creative outlets like painting, playing an instrument, or learning a language.

You can also rev up your thinking skills by trying something new. Ideas include learning to play a new sport or taking a class in dance or tai chi or join a baking class! Go with whatever makes you the most excited. Enjoying it is the key.

And, last for now, have you heard about the health benefits of coconut oil? Yes! Coconut oil is a heart-healthy oil that is free of cholesterol and trans-fats, and provides many benefits in addition to improving brain health. Check out YouTube for some amazing testimonials on how coconut oil has improved brain functioning, many times better than prescription medication. Add in brain-boosting foods like blueberries, nuts, and fatty fish, cut back on frozen meals, take out, deli meat, and cheese, and you are well on your way to a healthier brain.

So what’s YOUR game plan? It’s never too late to improve your brain health!

I’d love to know any ideas you have figured out about this!

As always, to being pain-free and creating a vibrant life,



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