Detox for Optimal Health

Detox for Optimal Health

Detox for Optimal Health

I would start with a detox. It’s one of the ways I was able to get rid of my sugar addiction and improve my skin. By taking a specific amount of time to get unhealthy foods and habits out of your life, you’ll be getting on the path for optimal health. Optimal health means slowing the aging process which, in turn, gives you healthy looking skin.

My First Detox

I did my first true sugar detox program when my son was about 5 years old. My detox lasted for only 5 days so I stepped timidly into it believing that I could do almost anything for 5 days. I did it and you know what? I couldn’t believe how much hidden sugar I was consuming in my daily life. Sugar sneaks in as carbs as well as hidden ingredients in processed products.

Stress and your Liver

I also didn’t realize what a big player the liver is when it comes to detoxification. Yes, everything needs to go through your liver to be transformed and used, or excreted. Things like alcohol, caffeine, skin care products, medication, trans fats (found in store bought baked goods), and refined sugars, all tax the liver function. The liver also has to process substances that naturally occur in the body such as cholesterol and estrogen. The first stage of detoxification in the liver needs vitamin B to occur. When your body lacks enough nutrients, it can’t do its job well. And if you’re stressed, ha! Who isn’t? That stress depletes your body of vitamins B, Zinc, and magnesium.

Liver Supplements

As far as supporting your nutrients and your liver function, here is what I do with myself and all my patients. I take high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements. They have an amazing multi-vitamin that not only has optimal levels of nutrients, but is also designed in a way that communicates with your own cells to help them do their job even better. Wow! Next, take a liver support supplement. I use one from the same company, USANA. By the way, never buy supplements on Amazon. It’s not safe and you’ll be over charged. If you want to get safe supplements at wholesale prices, just go to and email me. I use Amazon for many things, supplements are not one of them.

Take care of your Body

  • Eat Nutrient dense foods
  • Use only safe hair and skin care products
  • Take clean, high quality nutritional supplements
  • Detox a couple of times a year to reset your body
  • Drink lots of clean water
  • Sleep 8 hours a night
  • Move your body daily
  • Do something fun every day

Join me for Detox

Optimal health and vibrant skin do not magically manifested overnight. Pick one thing that you can do today to start working toward optimal health. Can you take a USANA supplement, drink more water or can you go to bed earlier?

Ready to do a detox?

The next live RESET group is April 11th. Order your kit through this link.

The next Sip and Scrub mini facial party is March 19th at 5pm
Email me to get your free mini facial kit before March 10th.

Live 28 day Healthy Gut Program starts April 20th. Order your kit here.

Healthy Gut Webinar on March 24th with Dr. Karen.

Have a great week.


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