Election results got you down and feeling hopeless?

It’s been a rough week for many of you. I’ve been reading various inspirational materials to help me get my head into a better space and how to move forward. I read this from Sarah at vision weaving and found it to be one of the best perspectives that I found. With her permission it is reprinted here. I hope you find it inspiring and helpful.


The shock wave that passed over the entire planet in the last few days is like a power surge that has caused peoples neural pathways to short circuit, fragment and fracture as they would from an impact at high speed.

While millions of people are feeling elated in their choice of elected president, millions of others are feeling frazzled, disconnected, and despairing as they reel from the news that an icon of hatred and division is now the leader of the “free world”.

[tweetthis]It is as if the news has created a cataclysmic split of consciousness. There is a clear division of beliefs and ideals revealing a deep separation between many families.[/tweetthis]

For those that support what Trump stands for – it creates a great divide in their being – an energetic rift that is needed to compartmentalize and justify their position, a necessary misalignment to accommodate the righteous negativity. In a sense it is as if their souls are torn asunder and planet-wide we are feeling the chasm that separates those that endorse life and the sacred and those that align with hatred and fear. Truthfully, while painful, this split is necessary for the greater plan, for the greater good. It is the shedding of layers that no longer serve us. It is the differentiation, distinction and definition of all that we align with in our integrity.

This presidential election is shining the spotlight of the universal mind into the undercurrents of fear that govern destructive action. This energy of fear has been grinding the large cogs in the mechanism of reality for eons, generating pain and suffering for the masses and creating a slow and constant force of destruction on a planetary scale.

This election result is a catalyst to unearth and bring to the surface, all that is at play behind the curtain, backstage and in the undercurrents.

We could liken it to being given devastating news from a doctor that we have only months to live. Each morning thereafter we wake up to a reality that feels surreal and like we are living in a dream. How can this be so? Why me? And what can I do? What options do I have where western medicine no longer has the solution I am looking for?

It is recognition that the systems we have counted on for our existence are broken. Broken by greed and corruption and the realization that we are but a small pawn in an epic game of calculated manipulations and intelligent design.

This election has revealed the web of illusion that we find ourselves and our very existence enmeshed in an invisible snare. It has awakened us to an imperiled life-threatening situation. We are more aware now as a result. This is a gift.

Given the realization of such a situation, it is appropriate to be enraged. It is appropriate to feel the surge of emotion that is the force charged with energy and the desire to live.

The powers-that-be, those that hold control of our ‘freedom’ are in fact warmongering tyrants. History is repeating itself…. again and again…this is ancient mythology and old archetypes that are woven through our consciousness. The Empire in Star Wars, Voldemort infiltrating the Ministry of Magic, Hitler commanding the masses. The game is older than time itself. Good versus evil. It is the same energy force, different villain…. And once again we find ourselves at its mercy.

So those of us who have been doing the conscious work and have flexible and open minds are adept at navigating the changing playing field. We are able to roll with the punches and dodge the energetic curve balls as they fly our way. The people that we know who remain locked in a paradigm and an outdated model of consciousness are feeling the blow and are experiencing the fracture of their sense of self and all that they know as familiar and safe.

This is a wake up call. Many people will feel fragmented and like they are imploding. Those who have done the work of expanding their consciousness, will recognize the volatile patterns of energy that are presented and will find themselves able to harness the explosive nature of this light. This light is catalyzing the changes we have called and prayed for. Use it to empower yourself and drive yourself onward in your soul mission of being the beacon, being the transmission of grace and light and restoring equilibrium and balance by being a living example. Let it fuel your passion. Let it fuel your mission. Let this light that is available to us now guide you on the path of highest good.

Affirm with me now:
I stand for love and light. I stand for life. I stand for family, community, clean water, organic food, plant medicines, indigenous wisdom and social justice. I stand for freedom and responsibility. I stand for the living creatures that have no voice. I stand as Earth’s ambassador. I align my consciousness with the highest good and will hold ground for all that is sacred. Now is the time to reawaken and remember our true power.


Blessed be, Mitakuye Oyasin, Hallelujah, Amen, A-ho…

Quotes for the day
“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” Carl Jung

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King.


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