Feeling nervous or anxious?

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Looking back

When I think back to January when COVID was first being shared with the world, I was feeling nervous and anxious even, thinking that there was no way I could imagine my life as it is today. I remember my son listening to NPR with me and I commented on how terrible an experience it must be for the people of Wuhan. And then came Italy and the spread around the world. My son asked if I thought his school would close. I said, “no, I think we’ll be fine.” But that’s because in the US we usually are fine. As time went on and things began to close down, it was so hard to believe. My son’s school did close and switch to online learning. I told myself, it will be better in March. Then in March, it will be better in April. Now, I’ve cancelled plans for the whole summer. It feels so weird.

Many of the patients I’ve been supporting are stressed. Mostly because of the unknown. Humans don’t do well in the not knowing space. And, at this point, we really don’t know how we will emerge from this experience. Eventually life will shift into some sort of new normal. In the meantime, here are some things that may help.

Calm your nervous system

There are some things you can do to help calm your system. Breathing and meditation are the first that come to mind. I was having some issues sleeping when shelter in place began so I started taking a formula called neurocalm from Designs for Health. It helps calm down the nervous system so you can sleep more soundly or just feel calmer during the day. If you’re feeling nervous or unsettled, or like me, an overactive mind at night, this might be a good formula for you. I’m happy to have a conversation with you about options. Here is a link to read more and purchase the formula.

My friend and colleague Suzy Dito of Greenhouse Wisdom, is doing weekly meditations. She does a guided meditation zoom call on Sundays at 4pm PST. Here is the link to join:

Meditation is wonderfully calming and I hope you have been able to incorporate it into your daily schedule.

Support your emotional system through your gut health

Yep. Your gut health is connected to your immune system and your emotional system. If you want to know more about this, sign up to get my free gut matters e-book. One of the best things you can do for your gut is to take a good probiotic. USANA is having a special on their probiotic. When you buy 2, you save $12. It’s a great deal. Here’s the link if you don’t already have an account use this one, if you do, sign in and select the duo pack. If you have questions, email me.

Resilience means knowing how to cope in spite of setbacks, or barriers, or limited resources. Resilience is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing, and able, to overcome obstacles to get it. It has to do with your emotional strength.” -speakersoffice.com

Being resilient or having resilience doesn’t mean doing it all on your own. Please know that you have people around you who can support and help you. I am one of them.

Be safe and stay well. Donna

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