Five Great Card Games to Help Exercise Your Mind

Five Great Card Games to Help Exercise Your Mind

Five Great Card Games to Help Exercise Your Mind

There are five great card games to help exercise your mind and we will talk about them later. It’s now widely known that physical activity has so many wide-ranging benefits, not only can it boost your self-confidence, but our recent article ‘Exercise Makes Your Skin Healthier’ explored other benefits it could have. It is also known to stimulate brain chemicals that can often leave you feeling happier.

But, alongside that, it’s also vitally important to exercise the brain, too, to maintain sharpness and function. After all, in our everyday lives, we’re forced to make snap decisions on so many things, solve problems, and quite often, multitask. So, as you can see, the benefits of giving your grey matter a bit of a workout are just as key as working up a sweat physically.

One of the best ways to get that exercise for your brain is to play certain games, and there are so many options. Technology is now being utilized for such games, with brain training apps and titles available on mobiles, consoles, and computers. Many people find more significant benefits in card games, both in-person and online. So today, it’s the more traditional, sedentary pastime that we’re going to focus our gaze upon to improve the health of our mind. Here are five great card games to keep you sharp.


The best card games are often said to demand more than luck; they require memory, attention, and of course, strategy. Therefore, bridge is perfect. It’s a game that teaches quick thinking, logical thinking, reasoning, patience, and concentration, and according to a study reported on, it can also stimulate the immune system. Also, with the game requiring at least four players around the table to get going, it’s the ideal way to get together with your best friends too.


Poker is a great way to stimulate the brain; like bridge, it also is a game that develops concentration, and your attention span; crucially, it’s an excellent method to help with emotional control. It’s an inclusive game that anyone can play, and it can boost mathematical skills too, but while it all sounds good, the proof is how much people enjoy it is highlighted by the sheer numbers who play. It is suggested by that millions play the game around the world and that’s not just in person. There’s a vibrant online community allowing you to pit your wits against people from anywhere on the planet in a couple of clicks of a mouse.


Blackjack is another game that is played online and in person, with players benefiting from the use of short-term memory. Exercising this part of the brain is vital, and the game is one that requires good levels of concentration and visual memory. The other bonus is that it’s a game which doesn’t have lots of rules, so you don’t need to spend much time learning to play, and with an article from Forbes suggesting it’s been a game that’s been enjoyed since the 18th century, so it’s certainly something that people have been feeling the benefits of for quite some time.


If you’re not the most social butterfly and prefer to spend time with yourself relaxing, then this is the game for you. It’s a classic game that helps you with organizational skills; after all, you’re sorting through the deck of cards to put them into numerical order. It sharpens memory, recognition and if you’re playing against the clock to beat your best time, it can still stimulate your sense of ambition and goal getting.

Gin Rummy

This family favorite has been played for generations, and some would still consider the game the perfect way to wind down on a Sunday evening after a busy week at work. It’s a simple game that is easy to learn, and experts say it provides a stimulus for the cerebral cortex, and the game by design keeps people engaged throughout. This is due to each player having to keep track of what cards are being picked up or discarded to set up their strategy to pounce and ultimately win.

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