Functional Blood Chemistry: What Your Lab Results Really Means

As you all know, I am an acupuncturist and a health coach, I am also certified in functional medicine.

One of the things I love doing for my patients is to review their blood chemistry lab results. Most doctors only look at your glucose level and point out if your cholesterol is already “too high”, and that’s it. They only rely on the lab’s ranges to judge and tell how you are doing.

What is functional blood chemistry?

Functional blood chemistry is completely different. It’s like I am working with a puzzle where I have to pick clues in order to see a picture of what might go wrong.

The beauty of optimal health range is that I can see when things are starting to go sideways, before it’s too late. This is very helpful because prevention is always better than cure! Moreover, I can immediately tell if you have a deficiency in vitamins or if you are dehydrated. I can also tell if you are eating too much refined carbs and sugar.

This information allows you to change your lifestyle, get the right supplements and start a diet that is suitable to what you need, resulting to an improved numbers and prevent further health damage.

If this is something you would like me to do for you, I can help you. Let’s schedule an appointment and I can give you all the details on how this works. If you don’t have recent labs, I can even order those for you.

For a deeper dive into looking at your own labs, here is a video where I explain in details on what to look for in your cholesterol, glucose and vitamin D results

Did you know that inflammation affects hormonal balance? There are many Functional Blood Biomarkers that can guide you to be in charge of your own health care. In this video, Coach Donna shares blood markers and explains optimal health levels.
click here to view videoIf you need any help with this or have any questions, please email me. Have a safe and healthy week.
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