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Sublime Body, Joyful Life

I know you are an amazing woman with a lust for knowledge and a desire for nothing less than a heavenly life.

Whether you’re a Supermom, Solopreneur or CEO of a corporation, life gets busy and messy. And, suddenly, you become best friends with the pizza delivery boy. (Did I see you crack a little smile? Good!)

What if someone handed you the easiest plan since sliced gluten-free bread along with the essential information you need NOW to make your body feel fabulous, for the long term?

After Implementing Your Easy,
Step By Step Plan You’ll:

I can help you navigate the overwhelming information out there about food and nutrition. No crazy diets, no starving yourself, no stress … and none of those funky-tasting green drinks. (That is, unless you love them.)

In My Vibrant Living Program
You’ll Learn:

… the best foods to eat to stay healthy and in balance to meet your personal goals

… how much and which types of exercise are best suited for you

… how to make lifestyle changes that are lasting and easy

… which supplements and herbal remedies are the best for your individual needs

Your Schedule Is Hectic So Let’s Make
This Easy Peasy.

I’ll give you step by step guidance on how to make my program fit 
into your everyday life, for the rest of your life,with ease and grace.
(So you can give the pizza delivery boy some time off!)

Learn easy to implement strategies to make and sustain a lifestyle change based on your schedule and personal goals.


Get customized support throughout the process.


Know that you are getting the most accurate health and wellness information from a licensed acupuncturist AND functional nutrition coach.


Includes all the tools you need to transition from where you are to where you want to be.

Be Inspired

“Not only is the muffin top smaller (and continuing to shrink), but I’m also not feeling bloated after eating, I have a lot more energy, and feel so good!”–Attorney, San Francisco


“I just started working with Donna for one week and so far she is excellent with weight loss after having a baby. She is very knowledgeable about healthy weight loss and food and she is very supportive.“–Mom of 2 and Attorney, San Francisco

“In eight weeks I lost 20 pounds and have maintained that for another four weeks. I walk past the ice-cream store and dessert counters without any self-pity. The desire for binging on those things that made me feel tired, sluggish and generally less than robust, are gone.”–Consultant, San Francisco

“I’ve dropped one jean size, yay! I look at food differently and for the better. ”–D. Mitchell, San Francisco

Live Zoom coaching calls.

The flexibility to add customized, 50-minute one-on-one wellness coaching sessions whenever you need them during and after the program.

All of the meal plans and recipes to set you up for success.

• • • 

My passion is to help you live a happier, more energized and high-spirited life.

Let’s make that dream come true right now – join me to begin living vibrantly today.

Want to get started?
Email me at
or schedule a free vibrant health strategy call.

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Initial session with review of labs and personalized plan $225
Individual follow up sessions $120

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