Have you run out of shows to binge-watch?

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Binge-watch and yet still be productive

Yep, the first few days of shelter in place I binge-watch on more movies and shows on Netflix than I usually do. I think I got into the mindset of watching something at night with my husband because I didn’t have to get for work at 6 AM and I was at home rather than working until 8 PM. So after a few nights of doing that, I realized it wasn’t really working for me. So I started filling my evenings with guided meditations and my mornings with more meditation, yoga, and hikes.

Now that’s working for me! I’m sleeping better and waking up refreshed. I’m loving the slower pace and revisiting online programs that I’ve done in the past.

The reality of it all?

Let’s face it. We’re going to be sheltering in place for the next 3-4 weeks at the least. Did you know you can make a new habit? A lasting one by doing it daily for only 21 days? That’s less time than the shelter in place. Hence, this is the perfect opportunity to choose something you’d like to improve and go for it. Make time to research, binge-watch and most especially recreate yourself into the person you’ve longed to be.

An opportunity rather than a setback

Have you been longing to add daily meditation but just can’t squeeze it in your schedule? How about working out or doing yoga? Or maybe just drinking more water or getting more sleep? This is your opportunity to create something positive out of this challenging situation.

I’m here to help with a few ideas. Most are free and online to bing-watch. I also have a couple of new options of how to support you.

Here is your “shelter in place”, self-improvement opportunity for growth list to binge-watch on.

ONLINE resources

1. Caroline’s Thursday 9am PST reiki healing. I have been loving this! And it’s FREE.

The intention for this group healing is to support and heal what you need at this time, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Trust that you’ll receive the healing you are supposed to receive.

2. DailyOm.com

My favorite courses are HIIT yoga Fusion and The Best Year of Your Life (Debbie Ford). What’s even more amazing, is they are only $15 for lifetime access.

3. Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation, Hope in Uncertain Times

4. Sound healing video with me and my husband Michael


What I’m offering

1. Telemed sessions for $60.

We can talk about what’s going on for you and I’ll make suggestions of what you can do as well as teach you some acupressure points. And, if you have insurance that covers acupuncture, I will file it for you.

2. WellWorld.

This is a brand new app that allows you to work with me on your diet. If you want to do a 14 day clean eating program or keto or vegan or many other options, I set it up and invite you. You then have access to the app and all the recipes and menu plans. As well as my support. All for free! Email me to get started.

3. New Shop page.

I’ve created a new page on my website where you can directly shop for USANA and Designs for Health.

4. Gut Immune Support 28 day program.

This is going to be amazing. It starts April 12th. This 28 Day Group has daily posts by a faculty of wellness professionals on a private Facebook group that focus on supporting healthy immune system habits into your life. You’ll promote your immunity, and enhance your overall health, too. The faculty of wellness professionals offering this 28 Day Online Class includes 3 Physicians, 5 Health Coaches and a Psychotherapist. Email me to join.

5. USANA created a new Immune Support bundle.

Immune and well-being support supplements—Booster C 600, Proglucamune, USANA® Probiotic, and Proflavanol C200—are available in one convenient Immune Support Pack.

6. Congee.

Great gut healing food that you can order and save with this code First10. Want to know more about the benefits of Congee? Increasing Vitality and Immunity with Three Treasure Foods. The Breakfast Cure.


I hope you find these resources helpful. Let me know if you have questions or would like to schedule a call.

If you need help with any of this, I’m here to support and guide you. Stay well and Safe. Donna

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