Health and Prosperity – The Way We Feel About Money

Health and Prosperity

What is the link between Health and Prosperity. Health is more than physical, it encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Exercise, eating well, and taking supplements all affect your health in a positive way.

Prosperity is generally thought of as financial prosperity. Also consider that you may want to be prosperous in creating our dreams, prosperity in your relationships, or in how you use your time. Having what you want in your life is prosperity. Living your purpose is prosperity.

The Link Between Health and Prosperity

What’s the link between health and prosperity?

They are very connected. Dr. Northrup, states that [tweetthis]ill health shows up first in our finances before it shows up in our body. In our finances, we can’t hide it. You can move money around, but really numbers are just black and white. Health and money problems indicate that something is out of balance.[/tweetthis]

You can fool yourself by not tracking the numbers. And with your health, you can hide it by having a disease that takes years to develop. Suzi Orman says to pay attention to your money issues because it will eventually show up in our health.

Everything is energy. Energetic imbalances that may show up in your health down the road, may have indicators in your checkbook today.

The Way We Feel About Money

Take a moment and write down your first memory of money.

Then write down what you heard in your family about money when you were growing up.

Now, write down what your current issue is with money.

Can you see a link? We have a programming that was set about money from the time we were very young. That programming set about feelings that turn into actions.

So now that we’ve made the link, how do we change it?

Changing Your Mindest

How do you change any thought process? By choosing a better feeling thought. So when you find yourself in your regular money thinking pattern, stop and breathe. Really, take a deep breath in and hold it for 4 counts then exhale for 8 counts. Now, what do you want to feel about money? Choose that thought and run with it. Have fun thinking great thoughts about money and your own prosperity. Soon those new thoughts will take over the old ones. Maybe not overnight, but slowly you will notice a shift. Enjoy it and feel the abundant prosperity.

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