The Importance of Mindfulness + Printable Mindfulness Activities

Importance of Mindfulness

How busy are you going to be today? Do you know the importance of mindfulness in the midst of your busy day?

Let me share with you some important facts about mindfulness.

The Importance of Mindfulness

The rush of daily life can take its toll on our minds, bodies, and relationships. It can be challenging to take a moment just to breathe, but these moments are crucial for our health.

In fact, practicing mindfulness has been found to be incredibly beneficial in the following ways:

  • Reducing stress
  • Slowing the progression of memory loss diseases
  • Improving circulation and digestion
  • Regulating mood
  • Enhancing cognition
  • Decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety

Like any other skill, mindfulness takes practice. During a meditation session, your mind will likely wander off once or twice. The key to mindfulness, however, is to avoid judging yourself when this happens. Instead, simply acknowledge the fact that your thoughts strayed and bring your attention back to the present.

Free Printable Mindfulness Activities

To help you practice mindfulness, A Place for Mom has created three relaxing printable activities: mood tracking, mind mapping, and morning journaling. These free printables will help to ease you into mindfulness and put you on the path to a more intentional life.

Download all the printables here.

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