It’s Cold and Flu Season Soon


I can’t believe it but I’m already seeing patients coming in with colds. I guess the flu is next. No, I don’t get a flu shot, but that’s another story. What I do is take my high quality nutritional supplements, eat healthy food, and get enough sleep. I also take Booster C from USANA.

[tweetthis]It’s not too early to plan cold and flu prevention. [/tweetthis]

Another way to easily catch colds is when traveling. Traveling to new places can be a fun, positive, and enlightening adventure. But it can also be hard on your body. It lowers your immune system while exposing you to bacteria and viruses. With USANA Booster C 600 you can make sure your immune system is up to the task as you travel the world in search of new and exciting adventures.

Email me with any questions. Happy to help.


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