Need Some Help with January Resolutions?









Ok, I get it. You may not be thinking or even planning your new healthy lifestyle for 2017 but after all the holiday celebrations, you may be making some resolutions to do things differently in the new year.

Well, I’m here to support you in your commitment to make change. Even the smallest changes can make a huge impact in your life. Have you ever heard the analogy of a ship sailing towards Europe and it makes a 1 degree shift and ends up in Africa? That’s what I’m talking about in my new book. Making small, simple changes that will make a big impact on your overall life. That sounds doable, doesn’t it?

I like to think of this book as a workbook not just a read it and shelve it book. The book is designed for you to write in it. There are action items and check lists. It’s laid out in a very easy to follow format that gives you simple things to do on a weekly basis. The book in meant to be read and applied over a seven week period. That way you can make small changes that will last, and overtime, make a bigger impact in your overall lifestyle.

Think about it. If you committed to making 1 small change per week, starting January 1, 2017, where would you end up by March 1, 2017?

If you’d like to buy a copy, here is the link.

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