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Every health coach needs the tools
to get the BEST possible results.
So here you go.

Done for You Gut Health Detox Program

Offer this Done-For-You Program to Your Clients:
4 week detox gut health program
+ 1 week of prep organized in an easy step by step plan.
Includes everything your client needs such as shopping lists, menus, recipes, yoga
videos, guided meditations, cooking videos, even a weekly self reflection guide and a
Facebook group.

I built my health coaching and acupuncture businesses without
being tech savvy, having a toddler at home, working a part-time day job,
and with zero business support.
Believe me, I understand how hard it is to build a business while managing all the other moving parts of your life.

What You Will Create:

#1: Rebuild Your Client's Gut 

This program was developed by a team of health coaches and doctors. You know that the key to overall health is to first balance gut health.

#2: Rock Your Online Reputation 

With each client, you will get a personal testimony of success.

#3: Reach Your Goals
With Ease 

I am on your team and will support you to succeed. We will make a plan that will enable you to create residual income and exceed your goals.

#4: Done for You Onboarding

All the materials you need to support your client to succeed. Everything is created for you, from menus and shopping lists to easy to follow yoga and meditation videos.

#5: Client's Long-term Success

This program sets your clients up for long-term success. It’s not a quick fix or a liquid diet. This program will teach them, step by step, how to balance their body, mind, and spirit. What more could you want for them?

Join me in offering this incredible done-for-you business tool!

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Your clients deserve the best you can offer.

Hi, I'm Donna Parker, LAc., CFMP​

I’m licensed in Classical Five Element Acupuncturist and Certified in Functional Medicine. In addition to that, I am a trained Wellness Coach and a Certified Nutrition Advisor.

I empower my clients to take charge of their health and well-being.

I love to eat well. I know first hand that you can enjoy every bite that passes your lips and lose weight. No one, including me, likes having a muffin top peeking out of their yoga pants!

Your longevity and health depend on the right combination of nutrition, supplementation and exercise. My years of research and study in the fields of integrative nutrition and Chinese medicine enable me to help you create healthier lifelong habits.

Let’s get that sparkle back.

My Clear the Way program is simple to integrate into anyone’s hectic lifestyle. I make it so easy to figure it all out, like what to eat, when to eat and the correct supplements to take that will support your optimum health and well-being.

After your clients implement this easy, step by step plan, they’ll:

  • Wake up feeling energized everyday
  • Lose that muffin top and keep extra weight off
  • Increase their overall vitality
  • Return to their natural joy-filled state of being
  • Feel relaxed and beautiful
  • Experience how a balanced gut makes everything better


Wishing you a lifetime of great health + boundless joy,

Donna Parker, LAc, Functional Nutrition