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How to fight viruses Part 2 (Late Night Health)
How to be Healthy for the Holidays (iHeartRadio Interview)
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After Childbirth, Look and Feel Your Best! (Natural Solutions Magazine)
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Reducing Holiday Stress (
Useful Tips to Handle Holiday Stress (


HealthyLife.Net – Health Coach Radio Host / Shows

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Anne McGuffey – Food for Hiking
Dr. Colleen Campbell – Balanced Amidst the Chaos
Tammy Descoteaux – Reiki
Quick Health Tips: Post Partum Health    Know your Supplements    
Jennifer Benner LAc – Digestion and Detox
Quick Health Tips: The Fire Element    The Holidays are Here    
Emily Navas – Acupuncture and Fertility
Quick Health Tips: Increasing your Energy and Happiness    Healthy Holiday Eating    
Beth Gillespie – Safe in Your Home
Quick Health Tips: Drink Enough Water    Water and Digestion    
Sheila Sornsin – The Grateful Goddess
Quick Health Tips: How to Lose Weight    I’m a Sugar Addict    
Dot Spaet – Osteoporosis
Quick Health Tips: Oh no, Wrinkles!    Vibrant Skin Secrets    
Randi Kofsky, CMT – Interwave Bodywork
Quick Health Tips: Getting Things Done    Meditation and Breathing    
Tammy Descoteaux – Reiki
Quick Health Tips: Blood Sugar Levels    Fatigue and Adrenal Exhaustion    
Rosie and Vic Morris – Caregiver Support
Nalyn McGuffey – Healthy Teens
Quick Health Tips: Self-Limiting Beliefs       
Michael McGuffey – Connecting with your inner guidance
Quick Health Tips: Better Digestion    
Cassandra Garcia – Fed and Fit
Quick Health Tips: Making Changes       On Meditation      
Tamar Hurwitz – Healing Fatigue
Quick Health Tips: Leaky Gut       Thyroid Health      
Susan Tate – Healthy Women
Quick Health Tips: Intermittent Fasting    
Maddy Vertenten – The Art of Self Care
Quick Health Tips: The Fire Element and your Heath    Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain    
Vanessa Sardi – Diseases of Lifestyle
Quick Health Tips: Adrenal Fatigue    
Sarah McLeod – Vision Weaving
Quick Health Tips: Colon Meridian    Improving Gut Health    
Payal Bhandari M.D. – Are you pre-diabetic?
Quick Health Tips: Fatigue    Stress Eating    
Dustin Rudolph, PharmD, BCPS-Empty Medicine Cabinet
Quick Health Tips: Born Happy    Sugar Dependency    
Anne McGuffey – Healthy Hiking
Quick Health Tips: A Good Breakfast    Skin Health    
Carol Ebert – Exhausted No More!
Quick Health Tips: Food Allergy    Locally Grown Food    
Tina Moody – The Mind-Body Connection
Quick Health Tips: Sugars and Carbs Labeling    Food Flavors    
Carlyn Montes De Oca – Animal Lovers Guide to Health
Quick Health Tips: Meditation and Better Sleep    Bioidentical Hormones    
Phyllis Timoll – Well Woman
Quick Health Tips: A Balanced Meal    Heartburn    
Natasha Edwina, M.A. – Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation
Quick Health Tips: Processed Foods    Healthy Shopping and Cooking Tips    
Beth Gillespie – Diet and Brain Performance
Quick Health Tips: Dietary Fats are Healthy Fats    Cholesterol Ratio    
Dr. Coleen Campbell – Ignite Your Potential
Quick Health Tips: Spring and the Wood Element    Physical Pain    
Dr. Kelley Mulhern – Getting Headaches?
Quick Health Tips: Vitamin D    Cholesterol, Sugar, and Heart Disease    
Sheila Sornsin – The Grateful Goddess
Quick Health Tips: Something Better    Positive and Negative Stress    
Dr. Karen Wolfe – Healthy Gut
Quick Health Tips: Younger More Vibrant Skin    Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Gut Health    
Barb Badolati – Blissful Living
Quick Health Tips: Ways to Success    Happiness Exercises    
Rosemary Morris – Release Blocked Energy
Quick Health Tips: Tidying Up    Long Term Health    
Dot Spaet – Better Sleep, Better Weight
Quick Health Tips: Early to Bed    Winter Food    
Digestion and Diaphragmatic Breathing to Reduce Stress
Quick Health Tips: Diaphramatic Breathing    Lemon Water    Chamomile    
How to Make Lasting Changes and Craving Salt?
Quick Health Tips: All About Salt        Picking the Right Fruits       Heart Meditation    

My Podcasts

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Dr. Colleen Campbell
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Whole Foods Nutrition for your Children
Top Mistakes that keeps you in Pain
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Dr. Laurie D. Sennol discusses Cholesterol
Sarah Mcleod Vision Weaving
Sheila Sornsin on the benefits of Sleep
Nourishing Self Care
Skin Health and Bone Broth
How to easily increase your energy and mood
Sacred Sex with Mary Goyer
Leaky Gut Podcast with Dr. Karen Wolfe
Keys to Improving your Digestion and Mood
Top 3 Secrets to making Lifestyle Changes Last!
How did I become a Carb Addict?


Teleconference Recordings (30 minutes long)

Why Am I So Tired?
The 4 Biggest Things to Make Your Skin Look Great!
How to Avoid Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain
Top 3 Secrets to Making Lifestyle Changes Last!
Keys to Improving Digestion & Mood
How to Avoid Anxiety Induced Weight Gain
How Digestion is Suppose to Work
How Did I Become a Carb Addict? – Women’s Health

Acupuncture: An Ancient Answer to A Modern Reproduction Problem?


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