Menopause and Acupuncture Treatments

“After a series of treatments with Donna, my hotflashes completely disappeared. This was nothing short of a miracle for me. I would tell friends and family, and they were amazed. Hotflashes are rarely completely eradicated. Donna has a unique approach – she addresses the whole person. There is a counseling side of her treatments and it has really been a tremendous source of empowerment for me. She helped empower me to make the decision to move to Brazil. Moving to Brazil interrupted the acupuncture treatments and it was also a very hot climate, so the hotflashes did return. When I moved back to San Francisco I was able to pick up the treatments with Donna. I was feeling depleted having indulged on a number of cosmopolitans the night before. When I was driving my car that day after our session, I was struck by the change. She helped eliminate my hang over! Donna’s work is deep and effective, addressing the whole person. She has helped me in countless aspects of my life. She is a committed caregiver, with a unique holistic approach. I am very grateful to have found her!”

~ Kathy K.

Menopause is a normal life passage and doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or overwhelming. Every woman experiences menopause in her individual way; this is precisely why Classical Five Element acupuncture is so effective as it is based on individual needs rather than formulaic point combinations.

Fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones are the cause of the varying symptoms. They play a role in regulating temperature, metabolism, mood and bone formation. While the ovaries’ activity decreases, estrogen and progesterone cycles become more erratic. A good place to start with helping alleviate symptoms is with the diet.

With the combination of acupuncture and herbal formulas, patients have found relief from symptoms altogether. There are numerous side effects of estrogen replacement therapy, including increased risk of breast and uterine cancer, gallbladder disease and endometrial carcinoma. It is key that women have a choice in their treatment and control over their bodies.

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