No Time for Breakfast?

No Time for Breakfast

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I am so excited to share with you about Congee. I learned about it many years ago in acupuncture school but never really loved it. Then I read an article by Karen and checked out her site. The Breakfast Her congee packets sounded so yummy I just couldn’t resist so I bought some and I was not disappointed in the least. Actually, I fell in LOVE with congee. I was amazed. And it was so simple. I really love waking up in the morning and smelling the congee in the slow cooker. Not to mention, it’s freezing cold at my house in the mornings so a warm bowl of congee is just what I crave.

I asked her to share with all of you what is congee and why is it so healing to the gut. If you want to try some of her instant packets she has offered a 10% discount on any purchase other than the sample pack. Just use DONNASAVE10 code to get your discount. I hope you love it as much as I do.

As acupuncturists we understand digestion as a 100 degree soup in the stomach. Cold, raw foods cool this digestive soup and make it harder and harder to break down the foods you eat. Stoking the fire of digestion, while at the same time delivering hydration to all your cells, makes congee the breakfast of choice for starting your day with a happy belly, soothed, fueled, and energized.Congee is a traditional Asian rice porridge that has been enjoyed throughout Asia for thousands of years. There are many health benefits. I’d like to share just a few of my favorite reasons to eat congee regularly.

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Ingredients can be included for specific benefits, but every congee supports the Spleen and Stomach, aids digestion, as well as soothing and gently cleansing the entire digestive system. Chinese medicine teaches us that the Spleen loathes coldness. Warm, moist, soft, well-cooked foods are considered the best medicine for your organs of digestion.

Congee feels comforting because it’s very easy to digest, absorb, and assimilate which means you get more nutrients out of less food and feel more satisfied. Give your whole system a break from the usual diet of more difficult to digest foods.

Water is another reason to embrace congee. Hydration is crucial for easing pain, constipation, symptoms of menopause and other Yin deficient conditions. Cooked with four to seven times the volume of water to other ingredients, congee delivers extra hydration to your cells and gently cleanses the intestines with plump, softened fiber. Congee is anti-inflammatory, regulates bowel function and fluids, and helps reduce swelling, bloating, and inflammation. All at breakfast!

Congee is essentially a comfort food that is excellent for illness, poor digestion, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, loose stools, IBS, chemo/radiation, and breast feeding. Congee is soothing for the sensitive system, stomach aches, belly aches, indigestion, reflux and GERD.

In plain English, this simple meal increases metabolism, which in Chinese medicine means it increases the Yang or the functions of the Spleen and Stomach. Feeling tired, sluggish, or experiencing difficulty getting going in the morning or the tendency to easily gain weight or retain water? Congee is a simple antidote.

What is my number one reason for eating congee?  Convenience! It’s a quick breakfast that feels fantastic in my body. I started eating congee for breakfast during medical school. Because I’m busy, and I have a practice of not rushing, twenty-five years later I continue to enjoy this morning ritual.

Not sure what to have for breakfast? Feeling like there is no time in the morning? Not that hungry, or love to sleep in? The greatest part about making congee overnight in a slow cooker is how quick, easy and delicious a healthy breakfast can be. No decisions. No hassle. No stress. Break your fast with congee and experience the wisdom of Chinese medicine in your own belly.

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Here’s my Congee recipe
1/2 cup oat groats
1 tlb coconut oil
1/4 tsp sea salt
dash nutmeg
1/4tsp cinnamon
1 tlb chia seeds
2 1/2 cups water
1/3 cup dried fruit like cherries or frozen blueberries
Add everything to slow cooker. Cook on low over night. Remember to stir it well before cooking.
In the morning you’ll have your congee hot and ready to eat.
I like mine with some coconut yogurt on top and a sprinkle of Keto granola for crunch. You can add nuts instead, if you like.

congee food recipe 3

If you have any questions, or need help, I’m here to support you.

Have a great week. Donna

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