Opening Your Heart Space



Vibrant Health | Health Coach San FranciscoI wanted to share with you this nice little meditation that I first learned at Sanoviv. Read through the instructions and then once you have the basic idea, add this to your daily routine. Doing this daily, for just a few minutes, will bring you enormous benefits.

First, close your eyes and being to take deep breaths.

Bring your attention to your heart space and imagine breathing in and out from your heart as you breathe deeply through your diaphragm.

Think of a person or pet that you feel love for and are grateful they are in your life. Focus your attention on the feelings of appreciation. As this feeling grows, imagine the energy going through your whole body.

If your mind wonders, just gently bring it back to your breath.

It’s that simple. Enjoy the relaxation as well as the intuitive guidance that you receive while doing this meditation.
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