Perks Of Handwashing And Not

A picture with a foaming hand wash.

While it is vital to know the perks of handwashing, it is also important to note the not so good effects of constantly having to wash your hands. It’s now clear that thorough washing of hands will kill germs. Honestly, I’m thrilled and I am hopeful that this new habit will cut down the annual spread of the common cold and flu next winter. I remember when my son was just a little guy and I taught him to sing “Happy Birthday” twice while washing his hands. People looked at me like I was a little cuckoo. Turns out, I was just a little ahead of the trend. Needless to say, I am pleased that everyone else is now singing while washing. Funny tip. If you have a google home mini, ask her to help you wash your hands. She’ll sing a happy little tune for 40 seconds while you wash. With shelter in place, it’s the little things that bring some joy.

Handwashing In A More Gentle Way

As an acupuncturist, I was already an avid hand washer, but now I seem to be using more alcohol based hand sanitizer as well. Even with my nightly hand cream regimen before bed, my hands do get dried out during the day. So, I was so thrilled to learn that USANA now has a gentle and effective foaming hand wash.

It contains soothing ingredients like aloe leaf juice, pea peptide, and cucumber fruit extract leave your hands hydrated, smooth, and most importantly, squeaky clean. And the Lemon scent is lovely and subtle. Most importantly it’s a safe, paraben-free option for the whole family. Handwashing could not be even more healthier and fun.

The Benefit Of A Great Foaming Hand Wash

  • Clean hands shouldn’t mean dry skin. Foaming Hand Wash cleanses while leaving your hands soft and smelling great.
  • Naturally derived ingredients squeeze goodness into our Foaming Hand Wash, unlike other hand soaps made with harsh chemicals. Our thoughtful, paraben-free formula ensures a gentle clean for carefree confidence.
  • Quality additions like coconut oil help to add moisture back into the skin, while cucumber extract and aloe work to soothe the skin, making this your family’s first choice for a fun, foamy hand wash.
  • Lemon crème scent leaves your hands smelling fresh without overwhelming your senses.
  • Our favorite—it’s safe for the entire family!

I love products that are both safe and effective. Keep up your regular routine. Get good sleep, exercise daily, drink lots of water, do something that brings you joy, and wash your hands.

If you need help with any of this, I’m here to support and guide you. Stay safe and healthy. Donna

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