Donna’s care is quite simply astonishing. She is not only is an excellent Acupuncturist, but she is also a very learned health care provider. She stops at nothing to get to the bottom of a problem. And even now during this CoVid crisis, she is there for me in so many ways online and for ZOOM appointments.

I personally like to have a health care team that’s available for the possible worst-case scenario. It helps me feel safe to have built a team that can use their tools and relationships. During this crisis, Donna has proactively walked me through that worst-case scenario remote possibility and it’s been so comforting. Now and in the past. And I know for the future she’ll be there with her safe advice and tested protocols. Even my functional medicine MD is interested in hearing her directions and discoveries about my personal health.

Donna is really wonderful – learned, well connected, conscientious and so very kind. Cannot recommend her enough.

(Alisa A., San Francisco)

I have been seeing Donna for many years now, having been referred to Five Elements Acupuncture by a Zero Balancing practitioner. I wanted Five Elements because it is a holistic practice that treats the mind and spirit as well as the body, and I found Donna here online. The minute I met her I felt welcomed, seen, and listened to, and from the first treatment had results. My sleeping improved–and later I started using herbal remedies she recommended–and my overall health began to change and improve. Visiting Donna is always restorative, and I look forward to seeing her monthly now, on “maintenance” sessions. I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation.

(Mari C., San Francisco)

If I could give more stars I would! I have been seeing Donna for almost a decade and I owe my good health to her. Beyond being a fantastic acupuncturist, she is one of the kindest and most thoughtful individuals. I have recommended her to everyone I know.

(Dorka K., San Francisco, CA)

Donna is the first acupuncturist/health coach to successfully and completely eliminate pain in my body. After trying everything from rolfing to chiropractic, I finally achieved the results I hoped for with Donna. Her approach is holistic and she tailors your treatment to your lifestyle.

(Suzy D., San Francisco, CA)

I feel so fortunate to be a patient of Donna Parker.  After emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix, I got a bad abdominal infection that in turn caused an intestinal blockage.  I had lost a great deal of weight, had no appetite and suffered from anxiety.  Donna’s treatment – acupuncture and health coaching – helped me greatly.  All of my post-operative problems have either disappeared or are greatly reduced.  Donna is highly skilled and very well trained.  She has enormous empathy and cares deeply about her patients. Donna is a powerful source of information about overall physical and emotional health and I look forward to benefiting from her treatments in the future.

(Sara S., Comox, Canada)

I first went to Donna 5 years ago, after I retired, as part of my overall plan to improve my wellness.  I joined a gym, started walking outdoors more regularly, dropped burdensome volunteer commitments, and looked into acupuncture as a way to add non-traditional health techniques into my life.  A good friend recommended Donna, and she has been an amazing source of information, kindness, and support.  In addition to the acupuncture, she has recommended nutritional supplements; suggested breathing techniques for anxiety and stress relief; helped me find ways to reduce pain from arthritis and muscle aches, and recommended an excellent massage therapist.  Most importantly, she has helped me explore non-traditional ways to assess and manage my health.

(Carola S., San Francisco, CA)

Last summer, I went through a period of intense change and a close friend recommended Five Element Acupuncture. Like you, I scoured Yelp reviews and, after reading all the glowing things about her, decided to give Donna a try. I’ve never looked back since. Donna has been tremendous not only as an acupuncturist but also as a health coach and confidante. Her holistic approach that spans body, mind, and spirit, brings a welcome balance and grounding in an otherwise topsy-turvy life. I leave every session feeling relaxed, refreshed, and armed with tactical tips on how to enhance my health. Not to mention, Donna is an inspirational person in her own right! I very highly recommend.

(Danielle L., San Francisco, CA)

“Our family has been seeing Donna now for over five years.  Words cannot describe the healing, positive energy and care Donna provides.  Donna’s acupuncture expertise is just the tip and she also has been a nurturing guide on nutrition and functional medicine.  My thyroid had slowed after kids and in a matter of two months, Donna was able to bring it back in balance with acupuncture and herbs.  Our daughter who is twelve asks for Donna regularly and she experiences great relief from acupuncture and Donna’s kind and gentle approach. Very rare to find healthcare providers today who genuinely care, see/treat the patient holistically and provide such apt advice in a nurturing manner.”

(CA. R, San Francisco, CA)

Donna is compassionate and knowledgeable! She takes the time to get to know your personality and your body type. I had never experienced 5 elements acupuncture until I found Donna but now I’m hooked! It feels like a more easeful type of acupuncture that supports all of my systems, including my sensitive nervous system.” 

(Marie C., Alameda, CA)

“OMG. Thank you for this. I am doing well on my gluten-free and unprocessed foods. I’ve been getting more exercise because I have so much energy. Been losing inches everywhere. And my numbers are all good, actually excellent, blood pressure, cholesterol, healthy, etc….. been in processing my lifestyle.”

~(Jackie J, Alaska)

“I have been seeing Donna Parker for about 6-7 years and that alone says a lot!”
“In the beginning I came to Donna’s practice for her excellent acupuncture which I utilized for general health and well-being. I always felt (and continue to feel) a shift after a session with her and consider seeing Donna as part of my self care routine. After the birth of my son I began to utilize Donna for her health coaching and found that she is a wealth of knowledge and support in this area as well. She understands how the body changes and needs different things at different times in our lives. I also love that she customizes the plan to each individual. I’m all about optimizing health and wellness and Donna is the best advocate I know to help get your health back in order, lose some extra pounds if that’s your thing, or get yourself to the next level. I highly recommend you check her out.”

~ (Colleen C., San Francisco)

“I am impressed with Donna’s work and highly recommend her. Her methodology is logical and has changed the way my body feels. I have more energy after my visits and appreciate her holistic approach to wellness as a certified nutrition specialist 

“Very thorough and holistic (covers more than just your specific physical ailment). Great listener and very warm and kind, but also very professional. Knows her stuff, is very patient, and explains what she finds and how that affects her approach so you know she’s paying attention and not just following a book. Genuinely wants to see you get better. Besides her amazing services, it also helps that she’s covered by my insurance :)”


“This doctor really cares about her patients. She takes time to listen and assess the best customized approach to your needs. I highly recommend. My girlfriend recommended her to me and she had amazing success. Thank you Dr Parker for being you!”  

“Donna Parker is a practitioner who sincerely wants to understand her patients energy system. She has healing energy and uses the needles as a tool to treat and access the whole person, not just one’s symptoms.”  

“Not only an excellent 5 element acupuncturist, Donna is an invaluable resource to anyone wanting to better herself. I leave every session feeling more balanced, and with direction on how to take care of my emotional and mental well being. Donna makes herself available to her clients in more ways than most health care practitioners, and she is a wonderful human being. “ 


“Donna’s presence is healing and coupled with the needles, it’s a winning combo. I always feel better before I leave, more energetic and peaceful. This last visit had terrible pain in my shoulder which was better before I left, but so much better the next morning. Donna is so caring and a natural healer– there aren’t enough stars available!”  


“Dropped one jean size, yay! I look at food differently, for the better. I have tried very hard to stick to the program and I think I’ve done well!”

(Dianne M.)

“Donna is amazing at her work. She is extremely knowledgeable, not just about acupuncture, but many underlying health ailments and their causes and remedies. As an acupuncturist she has brought me 100% positive results. I was specifically seeking her for fertility support, and I got pregnant on my second visit with her! I would recommend her to anyone looking for overall balance physically and mentally. She is extremely professional and dedicated, and has a very warm and comforting way about her.”     

~ ( Ichelle B.)

“I just started working with Donna for one week and so far she is excellent with weight loss after having a baby. She is very knowledgeable about weight loss and food and she is very supportive.”

~ (H.P. mom of 2 and Attorney, San Francisco)

“I was so frustrated about the spare tire (muffin top) that had taken up permanent residency around my middle in the last few years! I put off doing RESET because I was worried about being hungry and had no idea how I’d manage to stop snacking at night, but I finally decided to take the plunge. Wow! Not only is the muffin top smaller (and continuing to shrink), but I’m also not feeling bloated after eating, I have a lot more energy, and feel so good! I love how easy the program was and that I never felt hungry. Would absolutely recommend RESET to anyone who wants to lose some weight, break the sugar and empty carb cravings, improve their digestion, have more energy and feel better, or all of the above! I still can’t believe it was this easy. What was I waiting for??!”

~ (Christy S., mom of 2 and Attorney, San Francisco)

“I have struggled with weight issues for years and yo-yo’d on diets. They all failed because I just went back to my carb cravings when I reached my goals. Donna got me off the merry-go-round by making it easy to change my eating habits following a simple and yet tasty cleansing, and follow-up support by her to encourage me to stay the course. In eight weeks I lost 20 pounds and have maintained that for another four weeks. I walk past the ice-cream store and dessert counters without any self-pity. The desire for binging on those things that made me feel tired, sluggish and generally less than robust, are gone. Thanks Donna. Totally one of the best certified nutrition specialist in town. “

~ (Steve A., Consultant, San Francisco)

“I’ve never restricted my diet so I was apprehensive about having the self control to stick to the routine laid out by RESET. I’ve noticed a lack of cravings. What I expected to fall back into the quickest-gluten and coffee, or really just having anything in my hands as I’m walking-is what I’ve found easiest to resist since I’ve started. I love food and restaurants, but having a list of what I’d be consuming and essentially having the day set out for me was really enjoyable.

I’d normally worry that a shake wouldn’t fill me up, but basically being told that I drink this and then I won’t be hungry was great. I found myself less and less hungry as the week progressed. I’ve only completed the RESET portion of my experience so I can’t speak for the next few months, but USANA worked really well for me. It’s only five days so really anyone should be able to try something new for such a short period of time. I would definitely recommend RESET to someone if for no other reason than to see what you’re capable of changing in your diet and hopefully form new habits from there.”

~ (Grace G., New York City)

Very Awesome!

“After my first consultation and acupuncture treatment by Donna I am instantly a new fan. I am very much looking forward to my next appointment and am optimistic about healing this nagging elbow injury now. Donna is absolutely great on all these fronts: – Expertise & knowledge of body, body systems, nutrition, demands and challenges of modern day society – Communication – Gentle, comfortable, confident Can’t wait for my next appointment!”

~ (Jonathan S., San Francisco)

“I had heard of Donna from a friend. And though it took some time to for my initial appointment I was not disappointed. Because there was an extended time before I could see her she suggested a reference to another practitioner, but I am pleased that I waited. She is as developed and caring as a person as she is with her art. She listens closely and evaluates need with perspective and administers the treatment with the same skill to amazing results.”

~ (James B., San Francisco)

“First and foremost, Donna is one of the most thoughtful, caring people I’ve met. On top of that, she knows her craft inside and out. When you add knowledge to passion, it’s an awesome experience to be a patient.”

~ (T.M. – San Francisco)

“I’ve been faithfully seeing Donna for 4 – 5 years now and can honestly say that she has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. She is focused, genuine, truly cares, and is a talented healer. She treats you the patient, not just your symptoms, and is never judgmental. I highly recommend seeing her for a specific issue or simply for overall wellness.”

~ (Lauren A., mom, – San Francisco)

“I recently attended a seminar Donna gave, and was amazed at how helpful the information was–not only did it make sense from a health perspective, but it was also doable. I was really impressed with how realistic Donna was and how easy it would be to really start to feel better. A follow-up phone consultation brought even more great advice, plus a totally manageable plan for actually doing it all. Donna is compassionate and experienced, and is a delight to work with.”

~ (Danielle M.)

“I highly recommend Donna Parker as one of the best certified nutrition specialist in San Francisco. She is passionate about her work. Her approach is gentle, perceptive, and holistic. She addresses the whole person and looks at all aspects of the person and how the body is affected. I have always appreciated our sessions. I look forward to every meeting with her. She is solid and very good at what she does!!!”

~ (Kathy K. – San Francisco)

“Donna from USANA offers great supplements that really work. I have been taking the supplements she recommended for several years now and I have more energy during the day, my skin looks better and I have NOT been getting sick, when others around me do. Furthermore, because of Donna’s depth of healthcare knowledge, she helped me get off of my sugar cravings and lose nearly 20 lbs. with her RESET program. If you want to be healthier, lose weight or just take better care of yourself, I highly recommend consulting with Donna Parker. She’s the best.”

~ (Marcus M.)

“Donna is a wonderful acupuncturist–and her 5 Element technique is the only one that I have felt made a significant difference in my health and well-being. She is very attentive and experienced. 5 Element is different from “regular” acupuncture and I enjoy it much more. More importantly, I feel MUCH better after a treatment and it is an excellent complement to other health practices like chiropractic, exercise, etc. It is very calming. I can’t say enough great things about Donna and her expertise. Plus, she is very knowledgeable about nutrition, vitamin supplements, and Chinese herbs. If you haven’t had much luck with other acupuncturists, or you are new to it, just quit wasting time and go see Donna. She is awesome. Plus she is really nice. You will feel so much better after you see her!!”

~ (Catherine P.)

Donna Parker is our trusted family healer …
“Donna is a ray of sunshine. Both my husband and I ans our two kids ages 5 and 8 go to Donna. She is just so caring, carefully analyzes our blood tests done my MDs with a functional medicine precision and nurtures our health through acupuncture and supplements when needed. Can’t say enough about what a great healer Donna is!”

~ (N.D. San Francisco

“Donna is a special healer. I feel much more balanced after a session time and often even better the following day or two. Her practice of five element acupuncture and use of high-quality supplements work very effectively to re-tune the body and spirit. She’s also very personable and compassionate and sessions are de-stressing and fun. I am very grateful to have found her. Five stars. Thank you, Donna. “

~ (R.K. San Francisco)

“Donna is intelligent, asks excellent questions and the therapy (just one session so far) was pretty amazing. I’ve done acupuncture before and she is clearly way above others.”

~ (D.R. San Francisco)

Talented Practitioner
“Hello, I have had the pleasure of working with Donna for over 3 months and am grateful that someone referred me to her. A certified nutrition specialist as well. She is very knowledgeable in her professional when it comes to nutrition, health, wellness and balance. I love her uniquest 5 Elements approach to acupuncture and feel energized every time I leave her office. I highly recommend seeing Donna on a regular basis!”

~ (Roneeta L., San Francisco)

“I have been going to Donna for a very long time for times when I need that extra help with the challenges of an autoimmune disease I have. She is a very kind, loving and caring person who takes her job very seriously. She listens and creates a calm environment for healing. What she does works. I prefer the five element acupuncture and she offers this. You won’t regret going to her. “

~ (C.K. San Rafael, CA)

Skilled & Caring Healer
“I am a licensed psychotherapist, and I have spoken to Donna on several occasions about acupuncture and nutrition. I also had an acupuncture session with her. Donna strikes me as an extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and caring healing professional. Her passion for health and well-being is apparent. After just 1 session with her, I made significant changes to my diet & water intake. The waiting area & the treatment room are very cozy and inviting. I will be recommending Donna to my clients.”

~ (Annia Raysberg, MFT)

Incredible Practitioner
“Donna is an incredibly kind-hearted and generous healer. Not only is she competent at her craft, her depth of knowledge about healthy living and eating is bonus that she shares graciously as one of the best certified nutrition specialist in San Francisco. With each visit she continues to go above and beyond my expectations in terms of the care and support she offers. “

~ (J.T., San Francisco)

Great Experience
“Donna was super helpful and caring for our first treatment. I look forward to visiting her again and getting my symptoms under control!”

~ (R.R., San Francisco)

Donna has changed my life…
“I started seeing Donna after I had dislocated my shoulder and had tired an orthopedic specialist and physical therapy…which neither was fully working. Within a month my should was stronger than ever and pain free. I also attribute my second pregnancy to her. My husband and I were able to conceive on our first try, which was not the case with my first child. To add to her amazing skills and knowledge as an acupuncturist she is also one of the kindest & genuine souls I have ever met!!! ”
-Michelle D., Novato mom of 2

This is truly centering acupuncture …

“I’ve been coming to Donna now for a while, getting regular tune-ups and liking the result. But a session recently showed me how powerful 5 Element is. I’d had a kind of panic attack, and she “rebooted” (her word) my system so that almost immediately I felt calm and normal and myself. Donna is a smart, caring, and marvelous practitioner. I am grateful I found her.”

~ Mari C. 

Great Experience, 5 stars for sure
“I’ve been seeing Donna for the past few months for acupuncture, and it has been a great experience. Each session leaves me feeling better, as she really knows what she is doing. Not to mention, the time and care she takes with each patient is unparalled. She takes the time to understand your unique case and cater a treatment plan accordingly. Most importantly, even outside of acupuncture, Donna gives me tips for healthy living that I use all the time! Really positive experience =). “

~ R.R. San Francisco

Donna is fantastic
“Not only is Donna a knowledgeable practitioner, she cares deeply about her patients and is genuinely invested in supporting their health and overall well-being. Every time I leave an appointment with Donna I feel more at ease and better equipped to take care of myself outside of my visits with Donna. She is a truly wonderful person. “

~ J.T. San Francisco

Great Experience, 5 stars for sure

Donna is amazing. She is extremely proficient at acupuncture and really understands all the pieces of wellness. She not only helps with acupuncture, but provides great ideas for healthy living outside of the office (diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc.). My experience has been very positive! “

   ~ R.R. San Francisco


“Donna is great – I’ve been a repeat customer since our introduction. She knows her stuff and I always walk out of a session feeling better than before. “

 ~ Jenn H., San Francisco

“I had a lovely time last week with all of you. I felt very inspired and calm at the same time. The environment at Sanoviv was so soothing. It was a fantastic week, thanks for turning us all on to your little oasis”

 ~ Annie B.


“I really enjoyed my first appointment with Donna and will absolutely be a repeat customer. She clearly knows her stuff and put me at ease as a first-time acupuncture patient. I felt great after the appointment and am looking forward to coming back.”

 ~ R.G. San Francisco

“I find Five Element Acupuncture to be extremely effective and Donna Parker is a great practitioner of the style. I’ve been seeing her for many years. She helps keep me tuned up every quarter and also has helped me if I’ve needed some immediate attention.

The sessions are not rushed at all; quite the opposite as she creates a great atmosphere by giving you plenty of time to talk about what’s happening with you and what you need, and she takes it from there. Depending on your needs, she will also suggest books to help you dive deeper into whatever issue you have that may need more information and focus.

So it very easy for me to highly recommend Donna for your acupuncture needs!”

   ~ Rich Z

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As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, my program is simple to integrate into anyone’s hectic lifestyle.
I make it so easy to figure it all out–what to eat, when to eat and the correct supplements
to take that will support your optimum health.