What you put on your skin shows up in inside your body

Yes, that’s true. Whatever you put on your skin shows up in your bloodstream within 20 minutes!!! So read those labels and be careful what you put on your skin.

I do love the Sense product line and I love the lower prices, but I know the new Celavive line is pretty incredible. So, if you want to stock up on Sense, now is your last chance.

Due to low inventory, Preferred Customers will continue to be able to purchase Sensé online through August 31. Beginning September 1, to avoid confusion for new customers, Sensé will only be available by phone. With the current inventory, USANA anticipates Sensé product will be in stock through September 27.The incredible Celavive line is here and is an ideal replacement for Sense.

USANA has advised us that this applies to anti-aging skincare from ManukaRx only. Sensé™ hair and body care products will still be available for purchase.
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FAQs about Celavive (Cells Alive!)

How does the Celavive Cell-Signaling Complex work?
The Cell-Signaling Complex found in Celavive is made up of two bioactive peptides and two botanical extracts. When combined, these key ingredients hydrate your skin, which works to counteract visible signs of chronological and lifestyle stress aging-like fine lines and wrinkles-by targeting key skin receptors. In addition, this exclusive blend of beautifying nutrients also helps support six major elements that can help maintain the look of a healthy skin matrix-including collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid-for younger-looking skin.

Which products contain the Cell-Signaling Complex?

Perfecting Toner
Vitalizing Serum
Hydrating Eye Essence
Replenishing Night Gel

Replenishing Night Cream

Which products contain the Olivol™ Botanical Blend?
Creamy Foam Cleanser
Gentle Milk Cleanser
Perfecting Toner
Protective Day Cream
Protective Day Lotion
Replenishing Night Gel
Replenishing Night Cream

How do I know which products are right for me?
You can personalize your regimen by identifying your skin type and then choosing your products based on your unique concerns.Dry/sensitive skin types have dry, almost tight skin that is more prone to sensitivity.Combination/oily skin types have active oil production in their “t-zone” and sometimes even on their cheeks.
What nutritionals support my beauty regimen?
With any nutritional regimen, it’s always best to start with the core foundation of USANA® CellSentials™. Then, add products like Biomega™,  Proflavanol® C 100, Visionex®, and CoQuinone® –all products that contain valuable nutrients necessary for healthy-looking skin.

Why was Celavive developed in place of Sensé™?
Celavive was formulated to support the natural communication between your skin cells to send signals that target your skin’s innate beautifying processes. That means Celavive goes beyond traditional skincare regimens to deliver beautiful results that are perfectly unique to your concerns. Celavive formulas are advanced and highly competitive with what is available in the skincare industry today.

What made USANA decide to discontinue Sensé™?
The skincare industry is very competitive and the science behind effective skincare is consistently evolving. We felt it was time to introduce a line that reflected the most current innovations. With the introduction of USANA InCelligence Technology®, we now have the ability to support the communication of skin cells-helping create cutting-edge skincare products that respond uniquely to you to create radiant, younger-looking skin.

Where does the name “Celavive” come from?
We chose the name Celavive because it represents the idea that your cells are alive, working together to create a beautiful complexion. Beauty is more than skin deep, which is why we believe the best way to achieve truly radiant skin is to support your skin’s natural renewing abilities.

Why do I need to shake the Protective Day Lotion?

You always want to shake your SPF products to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed for effective protection. It’s the best way to ensure you get the UVA/UVB coverage you need.

Are Celavive products tested on animals?
USANA does not test our products or ingredients on animals. Furthermore, research on Celavive ingredients does not involve animal testing. Celavive is produced to world-class standards and each product goes through rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety for our consumers. As a world leader in health and wellness products, USANA must comply with testing required by law in each of our global markets. While USANA does not and will not carry out animal testing on our products, in countries like China, health authorities may still require and carry out their own animal testing for certain products.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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