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woman lying downHow To Find Best Match CPAP Device For You

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea lately and your snoring problems are making others uncomfortable around you? You have no clue what to do about this sleep disorder, but it is affecting your health and your quality of life. It can be a frustrating situation for many because sleep apnea symptoms are not just embarrassing but it affects your health in various ways. It is a sleeping disorder in which your breathing pauses repeatedly while you are sleeping. Your body wakes you up in this scenario to resume breathing.  

This can be a dreadful problem if it is left untreated because it can cause diabetes, heart diseases, and many long term risks. A CPAP device can help in eliminating the symptoms of sleep apnea and give you a great sleep at night, but you need to find the best device that matches your sleep position. When you sleep your body automatically molds to a comfortable sleeping position so the mask should be suitable to you as per that. It should be comfortable to wear as well. So, let’s check a few ways to discover the best match CPAP device for you as per your sleeping position.

Fetal position

Fetal pose is just what you think. It is the cozy curled up position where you draw the knees close to your chest. A flexible CPAP mask is required for fetal sleepers. They need CPAP masks for side sleepers which have soft-touch buckles and cloth surfaces. The mask should fit under the nose versus over. For this position a nasal pillow mask that has a built-in flexible chamber is good. It allows the mask to stay in one position even when the person is moving from side to side. If there are dual-wall flaps then it will offer comfort and ergonomic support to the individual.

LOG position

In this position, you rest on one side and both arms lie on your sides. Log sleepers also need a soft mask like the fetal sleepers which stays in one place when there is pressure by the pillow. In this sleeping position, extra pressure is put on the face area because arms are low and not positioned near the head. The sleeper will require a soft nasal mask that should not come in contact with hard surfaces. Otherwise, it can create leaks while you sleep. They need CPAP masks for side sleepers that are light and comfortable on the face and give a secure fit. The mask should feel less obstructive.

Freefall position

They are stomach sleepers and 5 to 7 percent of people sleep on their stomachs. They grasp the pillow with both hands. For the CPAP therapy to work patients need a nasal pillow mask which inflates on its own and gives superior comfort to the user. 

The top quality memory foam pillow and gel help the stomach sleepers to lie in a comfortable position which allows them to rest properly. For them, a gel nasal pillow mask is good because it has a seal paired with the comfort which freefall sleepers require. The gel nasal pillow uses a gel insert which gives comfort to each nostril and maintains the security seal. If there are hollow frames then it will give easy airflow to the nasal pillow. There is a frame design on each side of the head so the sleeper will experience less discomfort and irritation when they sleep on their stomach.


These are few sleeping positions as per which a CPAP therapy device needs to be chosen. To get more information one can also read Soclean CPAP reviews before buying a mask that is comfortable for their sleep position. Masks come in different sizes and most of these masks are adjustable as well. In the beginning, you may be a little uncomfortable with the mask. Therefore, you should use the mask when you are awake for short intervals. This will help you to be comfortable with the mask. Once you get used to it you can wear it while you sleep. So, analyze your needs and grab the best one that gives you a comfortable sleep.


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