Survival Tips for Menopause

survival tips

Survival Tips for Menopause

If you’re looking for a blog to know how to deal with menopausal pain, then you’ve come to the right place. We will talk about survival tips for menopause. I know and understand the pain you may be experiencing right now. Menopause is inevitable but it’s doesn’t have to be miserable. You’ve come to the right place, I’ve got your back. Here’s a list of quick, easy, and effective survival tips for your menopausal issues.

Menopausal Issues – What Are They?

Menopause can be a challenge for women. Knowing what to expect is essential in navigating your path through this process. Because of an imbalanced shift in our hormonal levels, several symptoms during menopause usually develop. Some of these include hot flashes, chills, joint and muscle pains, extreme fatigue, headaches, sleeping troubles, and many more. With enough knowledge, you will know what to expect and be able to learn the most effective ways of handling these symptoms.

Here are quick, easy, and effective survival tips to help you manage your menopausal symptoms. Although these tips are not meant to replace going to your doctor, I hope that these will help alleviate some of the issues you may be experiencing right now.


Tip #1 – Time To Start Moving

It’s always a good time to keep a healthy and physically active body throughout your life and especially during menopause. Daily exercises can relieve some of your menopausal symptoms. Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes is best. No matter what, just move your body daily in some way that makes you feel good. It doesn’t have to be a very intense workout. Switch up what you do. Try yoga, HIIT, stretching, weights, dancing, walking, hiking, or jogging. Keeping an active body helps relieve hot flashes and it also reduces your stress. Kegel exercises particularly help strengthen your pelvic muscles, which improves urinary incontinence. Yoga can also help keep your mind at rest and make you feel more relaxed and limber. Your daily exercises will build your muscles, reduce bone loss, and help with your weight loss.


Tip #2 – Create a Menopause Journal

Creating a Menopause Journal can truly help you in the long run. Keeping a log of symptoms, food, sleep, and mood will help you better understand what help might be most effective in helping you. Having detailed logs may even help you find out what has been triggering your hot flashes or chills. Aside from that, it’s also very common for us to forget things as we deal with so much pain and stress. Your Menopause Journal is a great avenue to write reminders and lists for yourself. That way, this journal will be your go-to source of information during your menopause phases.


Tip #3 – Be Aware of What You’re Consuming

What you’re eating and drinking may be a clue to what’s triggering menopausal symptoms. If you’re having hot flashes, some foods that can make those worse are spicy foods, alcohol, hot drinks, and caffeine. These tend to bring hot flashes after you consume them. Drinking more water can help reduce hot flashes. Drink 4oz water every 30 minutes. Drinking smaller amounts more often helps your body absorb the fluids and won’t cause you to pee so much. Foods high in sugar and highly processed can cause inflammation. If you have joint and muscle pain, getting those foods out of your diet can eliminate that pain. Also, those foods cause weight gain. So it’s best for your overall health to take those out of your daily routine. Consumption can also include what you watch on TV and what you read.

Be mindful and select things that uplift you rather than bring you down. Anxiety and depression are common symptoms of menopause. Watching what you consume and help reduce those symptoms.


Tip #4 – Relax and Get Enough Rest

Menopause affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Be very kind to yourself. Try to relax, calm yourself, and always get enough rest. Meditate daily. Just try 5-10 minutes in the morning before getting out of bed to set your day off right. Use an app or anything that would be helpful to clear your mind and set your intentions for the day. Do daily deep breathing. If you’re having issues with sleep try acupuncture or high-quality melatonin supplements. If you do drink caffeine keep your consumption to before 11 am otherwise it may disrupt your sleep. Sleep in a cool, darkroom. No nightlights. Get off your electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed.

There are several ways to relax and reduce stress levels. If you like getting a massage, try to get one often. This greatly helps relieve anxiety and insomnia. Wear light clothes. Moisture-wicking fabric helps reduce sweating and can be overall more comfortable and cooling throughout the day. Lastly, try sleeping on a schedule. Poor sleep on a regular basis can wreak havoc in your life. Menopause can bring on night sweats that wake you up every few hours. If you have good sleep hygiene and are still not getting good sleep then I would highly recommend acupuncture and herbs.


Tip #5 – Look For Support When You Need It

Whenever you feel down or alone on this journey, it’s very important to find a supportive community. I have a private group on Facebook called Peri-Menopause Relief. It’s a safe and supportive group to ask questions and share your experiences. If you prefer in-person support, look for a local group of women or just go to your group of friends.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of people. Talk with them, vent, laugh, and stay connected. Having a supportive group is always so important. Remember, all women experience this at some point, so you are never alone.

If you feel like your symptoms are starting to become unbearable and prohibits you from performing daily tasks, never shy away from the idea of approaching a professional. They’re there to support you. Talk about your possible concerns, your unbearable physical pains, and discuss the possible solutions you may go with.


Tip #6 – Focusing On Yourself

Sometimes what you need is just time for you. Self-care and putting your needs first can be the key to feeling better. As women, we spend our lives taking care of people and things. Menopause is your opportunity to switch gears and focus on yourself. If there is something you’ve always wanted to do, then now’s the time. You can start a hobby or try something new just for the fun of it. It can be anything that brings you to join from reading to gardening, to skydiving or scuba diving. You get to chose.

The important takeaway here is to have fun and enjoy. It’s not about how good you may be, but how much fun you are having. Keep things light with a sense of humor and put things into perspective. Right now, everything is all about you.


You Got This!

Menopause can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. Everything you are feeling right now is normal so you don’t have to freak out. Breathe and do your best to stay calm. Take things one by one. If you need support with menopause, I’m here to guide you. I have to tools to make this transition easy.  Remember, you have options and I can help you. You got this.



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