Take Control of your Rat Race

10514709_S-300x241Are you thoroughly caught up in the run, run, run of the rat race? Typically associated with the corporate workforce, most people can relate to an “exhausting routine that leaves no time for relaxation.”

But the constant “go mode” isn’t just limited to work. We are racing in our personal lives as well. Making time to volunteer, get children to extracurricular activities, hit the gym for a quick workout – there just isn’t enough time to actually enjoy those leisure activities. Leisure? Right.

Even though experts aren’t sure when and where the term “rat race” originated, it may date back to the 1930s. So why are we still doing it? Haven’t we learned anything? Maybe it’s time for a change. Here are some tips to enjoy each day a little more:

Practice gratitude. Even as you are rushing out the door to get to work, consider the positives. Think of one positive thing about your job each day and focus on that. As you look at your messy (but only slightly, of course) house, be grateful that you have a home.

Be in charge. You might not be the boss at work, but you are the boss of yourself. Instead of focusing on things that are out of your control, find small things that you can take control of. Wake yourself up a little earlier so you can have a little quiet time to start the day. Assign chores to family members so that all of the work at home doesn’t fall on your shoulders.

Schedule vacation. One great way to escape the rat race is to do so literally – take time off to do something fun and relaxing. Fewer people are using their vacation time, but it’s becoming much more important that they do so.  Time off is medicine. Studies show that vacations are as important as watching your cholesterol or getting exercise.

[tweetthis]You can still be in the race (there’s often no avoiding it completely), but taking control of your day can help you avoid feeling like the rat.[/tweetthis]

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