What is a health coach and why would I need one?


Have you ever set a goal to lose weight only to put it off until Monday? Maybe a health coach might be the right way to support you to finally meet your weight loss and health goals. How can a health coach help you to get on the path to health and wellness?

What is a Health Coach?

The best way to describe a Health Coach is a mentor who supports an individual who wants to have a healthy lifestyle and maintain wellness. They offer education about current science on healthy eating, as well as provide meal plans, daily exercise options, and lifestyle improvements. All of which enhance not only your health and well-being, but also your happiness.

The kick off

The way a health coach starts is by listening. It’s important to understand what your challenges are and what your goals are. They will ask what has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t. By listening and asking good questions, they will be able to figure out the best plan for you to achieve success.

A reliable support

Health coaches are on your team, they motivate, support and guide you to get the most out of your plan and stay the course. And who doesn’t want a good support team? Going at it alone doesn’t often lead to success. If you speak to any successful person, they will always tell you that someone supported and inspired them along their journey. You will not only be more successful in reaching your goals, but you’ll also feel more positive about your life as a whole. A good coach, doesn’t just focus on food, they have a holistic approach to enable you to discover your healthiest and happiest version of yourself. They will integrate bio-individuality to discover your own unique healthy, dietary, lifestyle needs.

An easy find

As a client, finding a health coach is more easier now than it ever was. There are many wellness centers and even work places that offer wellness programs to those who want professional help in their health and wellness. If neither of those are an option, try asking friends or looking on sites that review professional services. Some coaches, like me, offer a free consultation to make sure we would work well together.

Don’t limit yourself

Many coaches work with clients all over the country so you don’t have to limit your search to just your neighborhood. Most of my clients meet with me on zoom so I can coach them from their home or office no matter where they live. Remember to ask about the coache’s training. Some are certified and others are not. For example, I’m certified as a health coach, as well as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. So someone with my training will have a more expanded skill set than someone who has had no real training. Health coaches are not doctors, but many can have certifications or licenses, which can give you more in depth support than just what to eat.

Why do you need a Health Coach?

Everyone needs support at different times. We live in challenging times that can create never-ending stress for most of us. Having a coach can not only offer tips for self care, but also for managing stress, creating better self-esteem and a healthier mindset all with working within your busy schedule. Your health coach is on your support person who will encourage and guide you to success. They will inspire you to move forward and make a great impact to your emotional, mental and physical health. A health coach shows you how to overcomes life struggles to create more balance in your life by being a positive influence.

In our ever-changing world, your health coach can play an important role as someone who supports you to make the improvements you desire to create the life you deserve. You deserve to be divinely happy and healthy. So get out there and recruit your healthy life support team.

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