Who Do You Admire?

An Answer for Answer’s Sake

Have you ever admired someone? I have to be honest, I can’t readily think of someone I would consider a hero or someone I admire. I know, seems weird doesn’t it? It’s kind of one of those typical insightful questions. “Who do you admire? or Who is your hero?” Doesn’t that question show up on entrance essay forms? Well, I have a really hard time thinking of anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I really do admire some family and friends who are super amazing in the world, but somehow that feels less powerful. When asked, I used to reply Jimmy Carter. But when the inevitable follow up Why? happens, I have no idea what to say. Yes, he does great humanitarian work, even now in his 80’s, but my answer goes no deeper. Alas, I’ve given up on having a hero or someone to admire.

Meed Edna

Well, until last week. Edna Northrup is an amazingly vibrant 91 year old. Yes, she’s hiked all over the world, including up to the base camp of Everest, but that’s not why I admire her. I admire her because she began a business in her 70’s and was just honored, at 91, as a Million Dollar earner. Honestly, it’s not the amount of income that I admire, [tweetthis]it’s just her tenacity to take on a business at 70 and keep it going strong. It’s her daily physical activities that keep her body and mind sharp. It’s her unending joy that washes over you in her presence. I can’t help but smile and feel all warm inside when I think of her.[/tweetthis]

I was fortunate, over the last few days, to get to speak with Edna several times. I was also sitting at her dinner table when Dr. Oz showed up to congratulate her. Here they are together as well as a photo of the amazing women that I get to work with to create health and wellness in this world.

Edna Northrup and Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz and the rest of gang


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