Am I safe?


              Every single second this is what your hypothalamus is asking. Am I safe? You see, what you THINK, not what you SEE is what your hypothalamus is responding to. So, if you tell yourself “I’m so stressed,” your body will respond accordingly. When you are in a stress […]

Healthy Sweets can be such a treat!


I have to admit, I do have a sweet tooth. I especially enjoy chocolate, dark chocolate. I’m always on the look out for health sweets. I was so excited to hear Dr. Libby Weaver speak last week and buy her new book “Sweet Food Story.” Not only does it have great health info, but it’s […]

Looking for a safe sunscreen?

Looking for a safe sunscreen can be a challenge. I like to use the list recommended by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). You want to find ones without parabens, phthalates or toxic sun-blocking compounds (oxybenzone). Most drugstore brands of common sunscreens often contain toxic ingredients that can cause hormonal disruptions, Yikes! and potential other health […]

Don’t you just love kale salad?


              Don’t you just love kale? One of the things I sometimes find with kale is that it can be a bit bitter. Here is a raw kale salad that I think you will love. This will also help it digest better. If your kale has thick stems, remember […]