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My friend and colleague, Dot Spaet posted this recently and I thought it was such great info, I am now sharing it with you.

There are definitely some things you can do to help leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.

The top 3 reasons for leg cramps are:
1. Not drinking enough water
2. Not having enough minerals
3. Not stretching enough

Let’s look at these first:

1. Drink enough water! This is so crucial, the benefits of drinking
enough water is a long list. We want 1/2 our body weight in ounces.
So, if you weight 150 pounds, 1/2 of that is 75 so we would want to
drink 75 ounces of water daily. This equates to a little more than 9
glasses of water daily, 8 ounces per glass.

Here are 2 possible ways to track this:
a. Take pennies, the same number as the number of glasses you
need to drink, and move them from say your left pocket to your
right pocket for each glass that you drink. By the end of the day,
all the pennies should have moved over.

b. Line up your daily allotment on the counter in the morning.
This is my preferred method. Then all day I can see how my progress
is going and by the end of the day, my daily allotment in theory is

2. Take more minerals. For many people this means taking a
Magnesium Supplement. We tend to take calcium without magnesium
and this upsets the balance. Most of us need more magnesium than
we are getting. Start with 250 mg.

One of the best mineral supplements I know is made by USANA. 12
years ago, one of my students had horrible leg cramps and she decided
to take USANA minerals. She still takes them, no more leg cramps.
They are resonable at approximately $15 per bottle, a one to two
month supply. USANA must be acquired through a representative. If you
are interested, I have a contact.

3. Try stretching your leg muscles before going to bed.

That’s the short answer. For more information and other ideas, click HERE

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