Meditation that will calm and relax your monkey mind

Here is a great meditation that I just learned at Sanoviv.

Sit in a comfortable chair and stretch your legs out straight. Cross the left ankle over the right.  Outstretch your arms in front of you with your hands back to back and your thumbs pointing downward. Bring your right hand over your left and interlock your fingers. Fold your arms inward toward your body and rest your interlocked fingers on your chest. When you inhale, bring your tongue to the roof of your mouth and when you exhale bring your tongue tot he bottom of your mouth. Continue this posture while breathing for 2-5 minutes. As you inhale, think the word RELAX and you exhale think RELEASE.

This will also work if you can’t fall asleep. Do this lying in bed, except just cross your right hand over your left and rest your hands on your chest. This will even work if you’re a side sleeper.

Relax and release. Donna

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