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I’m so excited about USANA’s new smart foods line. These will be replacing the current line of shakes and bars. What I love most about these new foods, is the customization. You get to choose the protein source, whey, soy or plant. You get to add fiber and/or protein (whey). They are also sweetened with very little stevia and the plant shake mix has no added sweetener.

These products are still low glycemic. They are pure and simple. The ingredients can be easily pronounced and understood. Check out the length of ingredients and you’ll see is short. [tweetthis]When reading ingredient lists, shorter is always better. [/tweetthis]

They’ve also added beneficial fats, mainly from coconut oil. This provides a balance of macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Remember, fat is good for your health, especially your brain! Fats are a vital nutrient for your cells as well. It supports healthy metabolism and helps you feel more satiated.

More often than not, your calories are coming from refined sugars, especially when it comes to snacks. These new foods will help restore balance to your diet, combined with your USANA supplements, these will provide the essential macro and micro nutrients for you to have vibrant health.

Here is a short video if you are interested in learning more about the new products. For those of you who use the RESET kits, they will be discontinued in May and a new smart start kit will replace it.

Excited to try the new products? They will be available beginning May 17th.

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