What does a Neti Pot, Garlic, and Craniosacral have in Common?


Yes, a neti pot, garlic, and craniosacral therapy can all help prevent and heal a sinus infection. And if you’ve ever had one, you know you’re willing to do anything to heal it. I had one 2 years ago that just whipped my butt and hung in there for weeks. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the air-filled cavities in your head and face. Ouch! There are several things that can cause sinusitis. Allergies, bacteria, virus, or fungal infections are the most common causes.

What can you do to prevent, ease, and/or heal your sinus infection?

First, as a preventative measure do a daily sinus rinse with saline and filtered warm water using a neti pot. Most people think of a neti pot as something that cleans out the nose when you’ve got a bunch of gunk in there. Yes, that will help, but it’s really meant to be a preventative, daily nasal rinse. [tweetthis]Clinical trials have shown that daily saline rinse will help the cilia in the nasal passages stay clean and therefore more effective at doing their job of keeping allergens and bacteria out of your body.[/tweetthis]

Ok. So you’re doing a daily sinus rinse. What else?

  1. Get plenty of sleep and water. No brainer.
  2. Hot tea with honey and lemon can ease congestion.
  3. Eat lots of garlic, ginger, onion and tumeric to help reduce mucus and drain sinuses.
  4. Take your supplements daily. I add CoQ10 and extra vitamin C to my USANA healthpak for the winter months.
  5. Take a high quality probiotic. Your immune system depends on a healthy gut.
  6. Try some herbal remedies such as bee balm, butterbur, goldenrod, oregano or nettle.
  7. Homeopathy is also an option. Hepar sulphuricum, kali biochromicum, mercurius, pulsatilla, silicea, or spigelia are all options.
  8. Have a craniosacral therapy session. I have a good referral in San Francisco or you could use Yelp to find a good one in your area. If you have ever had head trauma/injury or concussion, I would urge you to have craniosacral therapy. I had a head injury that made me susceptible to sinus issues and it wasn’t until I had cranioscral therapy that I repaired that weak link in my body.
  9. Get regular acupuncture treatments. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gut Health.

When it comes to your overall health and building your immune system you absolutely must look at your gut health. I wanted to share with upcoming webinar with you as you will learn all about the gut mircrobiome from Dr. Karen Wolfe. This webinar is not recorded so you must attend live. Here are the details and I hope you can join me.

Your Microbiome – The Missing Link in Achieving Optimal Health

Thursday, January 25th, 2018
6:00Pm – 7:30pm (Pacific)
7:00pm – 8:30pm (Mountain)
8:00pm – 9:30pm (Central)
9:00pm – 9:30pm (Eastern)

Register Here: CLICK HERE

The microbiome is the community of trillions of bacteria that live in your digestive tract and elsewhere throughout your body. Collectively weighing about three pounds โ€” the same weight as our brain. When your microbiome is balanced, you have good digestion, clear thinking, balanced mood, and glowing overall health. When your microbiome goes out of balance, however, you risk such symptoms as brain fog, depression, anxiety, bad skin, insomnia, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.


1. Define the microbiome and explain why it is your greatest wellness ally and why it is changing conventional medicine
2. Explain Functional Medicine and how it is different than conventional medicine
3. Learn 7 Ways to Build a Healthy Microbiome that can change health outcomes

Stay well this winter.


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