I’m a Sugar Addict

A Flyer in the Mail

I wanted to confess something to you. I’m a sugar addict. Yes, it’s really true, I am. Don’t worry, I’m in recovery, but it wasn’t until the age of 40 that I realized sugar had a huge affect on me. For any kind of addictions, people can have a peek at this web-site and get help.

I remember it so clearly. My son was 4 years old and we were living in a small apartment after selling our home and while waiting to find our next home. It was a nice apartment, but it was dark and unlike our prior home, so all my plants died in the short year we lived there. Oh well. I don’t have much of a green thumb to begin with so if the environment is not perfect, a plant has no chance with me.

My husband was working for a non-profit pharmaceutical company at the time and traveling, for weeks at a time, to India. Sounds fun for him, but he often returned with some parasite or intestinal infection that caused him much discomfort. Anyway, I felt like a part-time single mom who was also launching an acupuncture practice. Needless to say, I was a bit stressed.

I was introduced to a new nutritional company and decided to try their products. I never knew what multi-vitamin was best to take as that wasn’t part of my acupuncture training. The one I was taking at the time made no difference in my energy or my immune system. And, quite frankly, that’s how I thought a supplement was. Once I got on the new ones, I was amazed. My body felt good and I had energy again. So, when my monthly order arrived and there was a flyer for a 5-day sugar detox, I thought, “Wow, that sounds great.” I ordered the kit and had the confidence that I could do anything, even give up sugar, for 5 days.

Never Realized the Problem

Now, let me explain,[tweetthis] I didn’t realize I had a sugar problem. I ate rather healthy and I didn’t eat tons of sugary products[/tweetthis]. I planned the 5 day program during a time that my husband was traveling so all I had to focus on was my son’s meals. The program was 3 shakes a day with all the veggies I wanted. That was easy as I love veggies. Well, I started the program and all was going fine, until I hit day 3 then I was a monster! I was sad, grumpy, easily irritated, and hopeless. Let me make it clear to you, I am hardly ever any of those feelings, let alone all of them in a single day. I struggled to make it through the day.

What I found out was, on day 3 of any sort of detox is usually the hardest. That’s when your hormones, like serotonin start to rebalance. During those 5 short days, I noticed how often I would normally reach for some sort of carby cracker snack, which is really just sugar, as far as your body is concerned.

Carbs and Sugary Snacks

When I look back on growing up, I remember that I loved to bake. I think that by baking, it would allow me to always have something sweet to eat. Then, when my son was little, we would bake together every Saturday. He would stand on his Stokke chair wearing his cowboy apron and chef’s hat. It was so fun to have a weekly baking project with him. It taught him how to cook and read a recipe. Those are awesome skills that many younger kids don’t have, but then again, it was a weekly dose of sugar and carbs. Of course, the baked goods were on the healthier side, yet they still satisfied the sweet tooth in me.

When I was a graphic designer working at Philadelphia Magazine in my 20’s I remember eating a small bag of M&M’s daily. It was always after lunch in that mid-afternoon slump time. You know what I’m talking about. You probably have a similar thing and head out to Starbucks or some other sort of ritual 3pm snacking.

Reset your Body

So that 5 day RESET actually did reset my body. I’ve had my sugar cravings under control ever since. When I do indulge in something a little sweet it tends to be fruit or dark chocolate. I’ve kicked the muffin carby sweet things and actually don’t even enjoy them anymore.

All this is to suggest to you to take 5 days off sugar/carbs and see how it feels. You may be surprised, like I was, to find out how often you really do eat something that your body just processes as sugar. If you need help with this, let me know as I have lots of great ways to reset your body.

In fact, I’m leading a 28-day digestion detox that will not only get you off sugar but will also improve and heal your gut health. Poor gut health lead to joint pains, poor sleep, gas and bloating as well as fatigue and anxiety. It will begin Oct 2nd so contact me today to join.

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