My Smart Start: The Smart Way to Cleanse

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my smart start


Simply put, our body is filled with a lot of garbage that it digests and just ends up sitting around. This thick plaque clings to the inside of your intestines, preventing nutrients from being absorbed, and literally choking you off from the inside reports Master Cleanse Secrets. This is the reason we need to find a smart way to do the routine cleansing of our bodies. Introducing: My Smart Start from Usana.

My Smart Start

You’re going to love this new My Smart Foods kit from USANA. [tweetthis]Starting Monday, June 20 you can order the new 7-day MySmartStart![/tweetthis]

USANA® MySmart™Start* is a seven-day program designed to help you break your old unhealthy lifestyle habits and begin a new fitness regimen. During the program, you’ll drink two shakes and eat 1–2 bars daily along with taking the HealthPak™. It also includes a guide to using the MySmartStart kit and a bracelet to help remind you to stay on the program.

The MySmartStart will include:

– 14 individual MySmartShake pouches
– 14 flavor optimizers
– 10 MySmartBars
– 7 AM & 7 PM HealthPak packets
– a mini brochure to explain the program

MySmartStart retails at $123.00. You will be able to customize the MySmartStart!! The price could increase slightly with the choices of Plant and the Berry Nutty bar.

There will be a ready to order MySmartStart that will contain:

– 14 Whey MySmartShake base
– 7 Dark Chocolate flavor optimizers
– 7 Cappuccino flavor optimizers
– 10 MySmartBars (2 Peanut Butter, 5 Dark Chocolate, and 3 Coconut Cashew)
– 7 AM & 7 PM HealthPak packets
– a mini brochure to explain the program

If you’d like to learn more about the food line, Dr. Karen Wolfe made a recording so you could listen and learn all about the MYSMART FOODS. It’s 24 minutes long and focuses on the clean label and the food system. Let me know if you have questions or would like to place an order.

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